Behind the Scenes: Custom Crest Design

A custom crest is a fun and special way to add personality and meaning to your wedding day or event! This is a super popular trend right now and we love getting to work with clients of all kinds to come up with unique designs. Today we’re sharing a little behind the scenes about our custom crest design process.

We’re going to walk you through our steps from concept to creation from a recent project with a local couple, Amy Kate and Chris. Amy Kate reached out in search of a vibrant and fun crest for their small family wedding this spring here in Nashville at Henrietta Red.

Our first step after an initial inquiry is to dig a little deeper into the vision and inspiration for the design. We asked Amy Kate for more information about her vision and overall theme for her wedding and what she’d like to see incorporated into the design.

With an endless number of design styles, we really like to gather inspiration pictures before getting started. This helps us to understand your style and taste and allows us to better serve you! Amy Kate shared the collection of inspiration pictures and vision boards below:

Some key things she noted:

Pattern Play

Vibrant color combinations

“The use of ginger jars makes my heart swoon!”

Behind the Scenes Custom Crest Creation with Prim Pretty Prints 2.png
Behind the Scenes Custom Crest Creation with Prim Pretty Prints.png

As you can tell from the collection of inspiration pictures, this paints a really great visual for Amy Kate and Chris’ style and vision for their wedding. Seeing visuals helps bring their words of what they’re looking for to life! After reviewing the inspiration pictures and asking a few follow up questions for clarification, we got started on the design of the crest. Here is the initial design concept:

Custom Crest Design with Prim + Pretty Prints.png

The design above brings in the key elements from Amy Kate’s wish-list: Ginger jars with bold florals, vibrant colors and pattern play. While this design is beautiful and fun it was still a few steps away from being exactly what Amy Kate and Chris envisioned.

The next step is editing + revisions. Amy Kate and Chris loved the initial design but wanted to tweak it by enlarging the floral details + ginger jars, changing the monogram letter style and adding a pop of color in the center to lessen the white space.

Here is the second revision with their requested edits:

Custom Crest Design with Prim + Pretty Prints 2.png

After this revision we were so close! They loved the new letter style and background color, but we decided to try green instead of pink to help tie in the greenery of the florals and keep the design more balanced. Here it is after the color change:

Custom Crest Design with Prim + Pretty Prints 2-2.png

This version with the green background ended up being the best and final version! Amy Kate and Chris loved the fluidity and imperfect shading of the green watercolor background. After finalizing the design they received their final files in PDF, PNG and JPEG format so they can use the crest on anything their heart desires.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of this custom design! Our goal is to make the custom process as fun as possible and we love being able to collaborate and make edits to make sure it is 100% the way you want. Are you interested in a custom piece? Get in touch via our contact form or send an email to and we’d love to discuss further with you!

Here is a gallery of some of our other favorite custom pieces as well as some frequently asked questions about our process:


How long does it take?

Turn around time for an initial proof takes about 3-4 weeks. Time beyond the proof is dependent upon requested revisions

and timelines of communication regarding edits.

How customizable is the design?

Each piece of the crest is painted individually and then is digitally put together on the computer, making it easy to add or remove anything you like/don't like.

How much does it cost?

A custom crest is based on the scope of work involved. A crest starts at $200 and goes up in price based on how many intricate custom elements are required.

What is the process like?

Step 1: Discuss vision and gather inspiration pictures

Step 2: Initial design process (please allow 3-4 weeks)

Step 3: Revisions and editing

Step 4: Final design sent in PDF, PNG and JPEG (other file types available upon request)

What file types will I receive?

Your purchase includes your crest in PDF, PNG and JPEG file types which should cover your needs when adding your crest to various items (cookies, bags, favor tags, koozies, etc.) If you need an additional file type that is no problem at all!

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